Executive Coaching

Good business coaching is about pulling the best out of the clients and allowing them to improve their performance and achieve their goals. The methodology used is non-directive coaching as taught at Meyler Campbell in London. It is not about giving advice, directions to the client.

Emilio Galli Zugaro is Certified Business Coach, member of the World Association of Business Coaches (WABC) and the International Federation of Coaching (IFC). He has graduated from the Meyler Campbell Business Coach Programme and entertains an intense relationship and exchange with the Meyler Campbell alumni network to make his clients benefit from new developments. He also enjoys an intense exchange with his supervisor. He abides by the Ethical Code of WABC.

About Emilio’s Coaching Profile

Coaching Profile of Emilio Galli Zugaro

Emilio is a business coach with international experience who specializes in leadership development and communicative leadership. He has a media, corporate communications and financial services background. From 1992 to 2015 he was global head of communications of Allianz Group, the Munich based insurance and asset management company. Emilio has a diverse experience as a leader managing large specialist teams as well as heading the global crisis operations of Allianz. He is a trusted advisor to the C-suite of several companies, having gained a recognized track-record in in-house coaching and leadership support at Allianz and, later, in professional business coaching and consulting. The corporate experience is invaluable in his work – he understands the pressures that today’s leaders face from both a theoretical and a personal experience perspective. Emilio is passionate about developing leaders, particularly those who are technical experts but need support with the people side of their role. His clients especially demand his services for the onboarding of senior managers, since in the last decade at Allianz he was in charge of the onboarding on new Executive Board members. He is seen as a thought leader in the area of communicative leadership which focusses on enabling and empowering leaders and employees. His coaching style has been described as results- focused and honest, with a strong focus on listening, an understanding for the complexities of international operations and especially diversity and culture-related differences. His background with professional experience and relocations in Italy, Germany and USA is recognized as an important anchor to address multicultural issues. He was also exposed to significant business experiences in France, UK, Benelux and Switzerland as well as in Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. He works with senior managers who want to improve their overall performance but need someone to act as a facilitator and an open-hearted and trusted partner. He is not afraid to speak the unspoken and has created significant impact for senior leaders. He coaches in English, German and Italian, his native tongue. He is also fluent in French.

Examples for his experience

  • Supporting the CEO of a global business within a large conglomerate to progress to the board level in the holding company
  • Supporting the onboarding of Italian, German, African, British and French executives to the management board of a German-based global company
  • Working with externally recruited top executives to onboard on a German- based Societas Europae, considering the complexities of different corporate governance (one-tier versus two-tier boards)
  • Working with seven designated global CEOs and a dozen designated CEOs of large subsidiaries to prepare for their new appointments
  • Presently Coaching two CEOs of Europe STOXX 50 companies per year.
  • Accompanying the take-over of an Italian company with a strong national brand by a family of German investors and co-shaping the new governance taking into account specific Italian leadership and German governance features.
  • Over forty onboardings of executive board members of European FTSE companies.

Business, Teaching and Mentoring Background

  • Manager of global corporate communications operations for a FORTUNE 100 Company
  • Manager of Governmental relations for a FORTUNE 100 Company
  • Head of the Global Crisis Team for a FORTUNE 100 Company
  • Honorary Professor at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich (Business administration) since 1996
  • Lecturer at the European School for Management and Technology (ESMT) Berlin (Leadership) since 2005
  • Mentor at LMU Entrepreneurship Centre – Munich for start-ups

an governance features.

  • Over forty onboardings of executive board members of European FTSE companies.
  • Qualifications

    • Studies of Political Sciences in Würzburg, Germany and Rome, Italy, 1985
    • State Exam as Journalist in Italy (Giornalista Professionista), 1988
    • Graduation at Meyler-Campbell Business Coach Programme 2015
    • Certified Coach (CBC) of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

    Other information

    Emilio is a father of two daughters and two sons and a passionate family man. He has a particular fondness for stimulating the birth of several alumni networks, among them the Allianz Alumni network of the Cultural Foundation. His mentees now have risen to important executive positions and Emilio is a convinced promoter of forward donations and forward giving. He is giving back to younger people what he received from his mentors, politicians like Piero Bassetti, journalists like Franca Magnani Schiavetti, Indro Montanelli and Marco Borsa and executives like Henning Schulte-Noelle and Michael Diekmann, both CEOs of Allianz.

    He is an avid book reader, sailor and still infected by the virus of curiosity for people, that lead him to work in journalism for many years.

    His book “The Listening Leader”, written for Pearson, UK, with his daughter, psychologist Clementina Galli Zugaro is still being sold and reprinted since its publication in 2017. In June, 2018, his book “Ich bin so frei – Raus aus dem Hamsterrad – rein in den richtigen Job“, published by Ariston/RandomHouse and written with Jannike Stöhr, focusses on the change of working identities for the sake of a career closer to individual’s aspirations and strengths.

    In 2016 he has founded the Orvieto Academy for Communicative Leadership which has expanded in 2018, offering seminars and workshops on leadership and communications (www.orvieto-academy.com) as well as white-label corporate academies focusing on communicative leadership. Since 1996 he also teaches Communicative Leadership within the faculty of Business Administration at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and at the European School for Management and Technologies (in Executive Education and MBA curricula).