In January, 2017 Pearson, UK, has published my latest effort, “The Listening Leader – How to drive performance by using communicative leadership”, written with a young psychologist, my daughter Clementina, who has done her master thesis on mindfulness. More on the book on You can also order the book here

But since Communicative Leadership is the red thread of my publishing activities, let’s briefly see, what this is about. More here

Communicative leadership is the corporate translation of empathy and active listening. It describes the ability of a company to become a truly communicating organization. Meaning with an empathetic and outside-in culture which is able to listen to all internal and external stakeholders in order to drive decision-making processes and therefore ensure a constant transformation and adaption process. The Communicative Leader is a courageous captain who guides the perfect journey to change and success. To do so she must master the four arts of (1) information, (2) communication, (3) enabling people, and (4) empowering people. The result will be for her to be able to shape a truly empathetic business organization, striving to grow by the enthusiasm of its stakeholders, who recommend the company for its products and services, as a sustainable investment, as an employer of choice and as a good corporate citizen.

In summer 2017 I have therefore decided, with a good friend and crisis communication expert, to found the Orvieto Academy for Communicative Leadership.

My portfolio of activities is now crowned by this Academy that allows me and many enormously talented people to teach virtually but also physically all over Germany but also in my beloved Orvieto, where I hold Masterclasses and specialized retreats (like the Executive Retreat for top female leaders in 2021). We discuss, teach and exchange knowledge on communicative leadership and communications.

With this I have reached my calling. and at some point I thought: I would like to share this with the public. So, in 2018, together with my friend Jannike Stöhr, we wrote “Ich bin so frei – Raus aus dem Hamsterrad – rein in den richtigen Job” („I feel so free – Out of the hamsterwheel into the right job“), published with Ariston Random House. It shows the path from two successful careers (mine and Jannike’s) into the world of calling, of an all-out happy working life. We were very surprised and glad to have reached out to a large public and apparently appealed to many hearts of people who sent us marvellous letters and e-mails thanking us for the impulse we were able to give. A podcast by Christian Bischoff with me and another with Jannike contributed to the awareness on our book, which is still being sold after almost three years after its first publication.

My latest writing effort was supporting my friend Dr. Nelia Schmid-König, a leading psychoanalyst, who curated a book on life during the Covid-era. It’s called “Corona: Wunde und Wende” 2020. My contribution is looking at six tipping points that the pandemic highlights and where leaders will have to decide whether to shape these areas or accept to be shaped by others. These six tipping points were already there, before the pandemic, but Covid, like a magnifying glass, puts them in a spotlight. They are: ESG (Environment, Society Governance), Leadership, Motivation, Digitization, Ambidexterity and Relationships. Should you read German, you can find my text here.

And more to come…