Governance and Learning

Best governance is enhanced by diversity. Diversity is the precondition for creative thinking, balancing of stakeholders interests, managing crises, mentoring management and continuosly learning from others, ideally across cultures and languages. The appointments listed below allow me to learn from and interact with a highly stimulating group of people from business, academia, media and culture. I gave particular weight to HR and change management practices as well as to leadership – and here specifically to Communicative Leadership (link) – , learning and corporate communications. The mix of appointments also allows for a sound age diversity to be dealing with, from university students, through business school students, to young start-up entrepreneurs, to very senior politicians, top managers, scientists and media executives. For someone who sees connecting as one of his core strengths, this mix of duties as a non-executive director and scholar allows for a continuous stimulation of cross-over fertilization between business purposes and non-for-profit causes, between academia and practice, between the fresh energy of the young with the experience and commitment of the older. The preparation for these duties has been a continuous learning process from within the platform of a globally active, worldwide leading financial services group, where I held positions as head of corporate communications, global crisis committee chairman and additional responsibilities in public affairs, onboarding of top management and leadership teaching in the corporate university. My learning was further enhanced by my activity as scholar at a public university and a business school. In 2014 I attended the Mentoring Program of Bernotat & Cie.

My commitment is to stimulate, challenge, support and enable people, corporates and non-for-profits to enhance mutual understanding and –wherever possible – cooperation, mutual learning and cross-fertilization. I am a committed European and this is the continent and the people I know best and would like to support. I was close to political power, to the influence of the media and of business and as a member of Greenpeace felt close to an influential environmental organization. And I learnt that the real power is neither in governments nor in the media nor in corporations or non-for profits, it is in the brains of the individuals and the teams.

My contribution to boards is on Communicative Leadership as an effective way to improve profitable growth for corporations and growth of supporters for non-for-profit (more on Communicative Leadership). How to organize a sound stakeholder governance and help organizations transform into listening organizations. Advising in the areas of communications, Human Resources and specifically leadership development and crisis management. Mentoring the executive management in strategy, stakeholder governance and internal or external growth plans.

Non-Executive Director’s appointments in Commercial Enterprises


Methodos S.p.A., Milano, Italia The Change Management Company, leading adviser on corporate transformation processes

Member of the Advisory Board

Safe Deposit Bank of Norway, Zurich; Switzerland/ Oslo, Norway Providing financial institutions with risk-free liquidity management thereby strengthening the sector and protecting client’s cash from systemic impact.

GK Personalberatung, Frankfurt, Deutschland Executive Search specialized in Corporate Communications, Public Affairs and Marketing

VonMorgen, Munich, Deutschland training new skills through self-produced learning paths, interviews and live experiences in order to shape the world of tomorrow.


Member of the Board

Allianz Kulturstiftung, Berlin, Deutschland, Fostering of cultural projects among youths in Europe

Fondazione Giovannino Bassetti, Milano, Italia, Researching and reflecting on responsible innovation in business, science and politics

Learning through Teaching

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, Deutschland, Faculty of Business Administration, Chair of Insurance and Risk Research, Lectures on Communicative Leadership

European School of Management and Technology, Berlin, Deutschland, Business School, MBA and EMBA, Lectures and workshops on Communicative Leadership

Westfield Business School, Miami, Fla, U.S.A. , Teaching leadership and business administration to and with executives, with a focus on the triple bottom line of People, Planet, Profit.[